Friday, 13 December 2013

How to Earn Up to $5,000 a Month Through Commission Junction

how to make money online

I welcome you to the world of affiliate marketing. Here you have ample of opportunities (by enrolling to a number of affiliate marketing programs) to earn as much as you can. This is because there is no limit to earn. But for that, you require a lot of hard work, patience and time. 

The concept of affiliate marketing is not new. It’s called as the traditional way of marketing where you promote other’s products and get good commissions. There are a number of affiliate programs which you can join according to your niche. In fact, you can select more than one affiliate program. Before telling you about different affiliate programs, let me introduce you with the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but a traditional way of marketing different products and services of a company. There are dozens of online companies selling a large number of products through their affiliate programs. So, as an affiliate, your job is to promote their products using your website or blog. 

If you are successful in selling their products, then you will get a good commission. The best part here is that the companies are ready to pay up to 75% commission on the original cost of the product. However, the percentage of commission varies from company to company. So, try to associate with only those affiliate programs that are ready to pay you a good commission.

how to make money online
As soon as you join any affiliate program, you will be given a code or a link by the company to keep a track on your traffic and the number of sales you make on a daily basis. You need to copy and paste this code to your website or blog. By doing this, you will become a promoter of their products by advertising their products on your blog or website.

As I said earlier, you can join any affiliate program of your choice, but require a few things before the start of your earning process:
  • Laptop or desktop
  • Internet connection
  • A website or blog you own
  • Traffic (number of visitors) coming to your website or blog
So, these are the basic requirements which you need to fulfill before going ahead. I will give you a list of different affiliate programs being offered by different online companies. You can join more than one affiliate program, in case if you maintain a number of blogs with different niche. It will give you a quick boost in your earnings. Now, please find below a list of different affiliate programs for your reference.
  • Commission junction
  • ClickBank
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale
  •  MaxBounty
You can add more affiliate programs to make this list bigger. So, out of these, which are the best affiliate programs? Well, you need to choose those affiliate programs that are popular and ready to give you a good commission. There are some programs that give as much as 75% commission on each sale you make. But still, that depends on the cost price of the product.

In the same way, you can visit each of the above affiliate networks websites to find more information and join a program that suits your needs. However, I will suggest you to join ClickBank or Commission Junction, as they are one of the most popular and trusted affiliate programs.

How to Earn Up to $5,000 through Commission Junction

Guys, believe me, you can earn far more than $5,000 a month using various online marketing strategies. But, that depends on your seriousness to achieve as much as you can. So, you need to set your own targets. I understand you might face some challenges initially in achieving your targets, but as soon as you are able to learn the concept of ‘how to earn effectively through affiliate marketing?” there is nothing in this world that could stop you earning.

What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction is one of the top affiliate programs, (often referred as global leader), and most popular and trusted among people. It offers a wide range of products, like computers, health products, shoes, etc. You can choose any product according to your niche. I have listed a number of points here, which will make rest of the things easier for you.
  1. Commission Junction gives you a platform where you can earn as much as you can. It offers you an option to choose any product from its wide range of products.
  2.  The best part about Commission Junction is that you can select a number of products, if you have more than one blog, representing different niche. It eventually gives an overall boost to your earnings.
  3. You will get your payments either by check, or directly to your account.
  4. By joining the program, you get the option to grow as an independent publisher by promoting their ads, and can get a good commission.
  5. You will be paid each time you make a sale, or in case, a visitor subscribes to the product, you are promoting.
  6. As an affiliate, you will display their ads on the blog or website you own.
  7. Now, it’s time to join Commission Junction by creating an online account, which can be done very quickly. 
  8. I will now share step by step instructions to create an online account for you so that you can start your earning process.
  •          First, please visit the website of Commission Junction and go to the sign-up page.
  •          After you click on the sign-up tab, you will be required to fill up a form by giving the relevant details about your blog.
  •          Please take care of their terms and conditions before you finally register to their site. You need to check all the boxes.
  •          As you click on submit, you will instantly receive a welcome email from Commission Junction.
  •          Now, please check your inbox and click on the link given in the email, you received. You need to follow all the further guidelines in order to complete their sign up process successfully.
  •     You can now log in to your newly created online account by simply entering your valid email and password (supplied to you). You need to click on “Account Manager” in order to select “Get Links” tab. After that, you can view a tab, “General Categories” of their advertiser’s list. You will see the list under different categories, like computers, hardware, beauty, various appliances, etc.

·         There is an option for you, in case you want to select a particular advertiser. You simply need to search and click on your favorite advertiser. You can further click on “view products” or “view links”, in case if you want to explore their products or links in detail.

·         Now, you can apply for the selected ad by clicking on the advertiser’s list and can apply under the category, “advertise search results

·         Finally, it’s time to place their ads to your blog or website. I’ll advice to first preview your website ort blog before publishing. Once done, click on publish to make your blog monetized with Commission Junction’s affiliate program.

·         You are now in a position to monitor your daily earnings by checking your account details on a daily basis.
In the end, I will share some useful affiliate marketing tips which will prove beneficial to make you earn consistently. Please have a look at the following tips:

Useful Tips to Keep in Mind

·         Please take care of the traffic, as this is one of the major things which are directly proportional to your earnings. So, more traffic you have on your blog or website, better will be your earnings.
  • I will suggest you to join only that affiliate program which gives more commission.
  • The content in your website or blog should be such that it matches to the product niche you are promoting. By doing this, you will be able to relate more to your customer which will attract more sales. Please note that all affiliate marketing links convert better than image links.
  • I will suggest you further to write a newsletter to attract more visitors to come to your page and subscribe to your mailing list.
  • You need to always keep in mind to promote only those products or services, which are most popular and in demand which will eventually increase the chances of your earnings.